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Tax Minimization Planning

Diligent planning is essential to keeping tax obligations low for real estate agents and property managers. Don’t wait until the end of the year - start planning next year’s tax strategies today by working with Peter J Freuler, Jr., P.A., C.P.A.. Our Orlando, FL CPA is highly experienced in tax advisory for the real estate industry. We understand how tax regulations apply to businesses in this specific industry and how to implement tax planning methods that will reduce your liability. The tax laws change constantly, so we make it a point to be keenly aware of how updates and revisions could affect you.

At Peter J Freuler, Jr., P.A., C.P.A., we know the tax laws governing your industry inside and out, and make it a point to stay updated on each change and revision. As experienced tax accountants, we design an innovative tax plan for each client with the goal of funneling more money towards your bottom line. Of course, we also provide fast, efficient preparation of all types of tax returns, including multi-state taxes.

Don’t wait until the next filing deadline approaches! Call us today at 407-847-6600 and get ahead of the game by developing next year’s tax strategies today. We offer a free initial consultation to all kinds of real estate and construction businesses in the Orlando area.

Our Menu of Tax Planning Services Includes: