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Cost Segregation Services

Real estate holdings amount to a huge capital investment. Cost segregation is an IRS-accepted tax planning strategy used to accelerate depreciation deductions, producing significant tax deferrals and increasing cash flow. Our cost segregation services offer real estate companies the opportunity to maximize tax depreciation benefits related to the construction or acquisition of real estate and minimize the risk of audit exposure. At Peter J Freuler, Jr., P.A., C.P.A., we preform cost segregation studies for Orlando real estate clients. Our services will accelerate reduction, defer income tax, and increase cash flow.

Peter J Freuler, Jr., P.A., C.P.A. takes the time to examine properties, identify qualified personal property costs, and classify those costs. Our CPA firm's cost segregation services will yield benefits like decreased individual and corporate taxes or reduced property tax. Our reports are designed to meet or exceed IRS guidelines so you can withstand IRS scrutiny while helping to generate significant tax benefits.

Our Cost Segregation Services Include:

For more information about our cost segregation services, call us today at 407-847-6600, or request a consultation online. We look forward to speaking with you.